This is my first ITX build and it performs pretty decently, it's only a mid range pc for the most part except for the graphics card. The GPU was a little over a fourth in term of the total cost of the build. Overall its great performance for a good price.

Part Reviews


Very good processor, although if you have a need for overclocking you can get the 4690K version for $20 dollars more. But for a simple enthusiast this processor works perfectly fine


Good motherboard everything you can ask for it to bring to an ITX build, although be wary in some cases, such as the Corsair 250D cabling with this mobo might be a bit more work than what you anticipated.


Work as advertised and even then a little bit more as far as performance


Excellent SSD, probably one of the better ones I've experienced. Very light, excellent read/write its an essential for an ITX build.

Video Card

An expenisve GPU but well worth the price. Fans are automatically tuned to correspond with the heat of the GPU and the clock speeds this thing gets are amazing. Only thing is this card requires 2 6 pin power connectors so keep that in mind and get the appropriate PSU


One of the better Cases for mini ITX I've seen in recent years. Stands a little tall but not much more than your market standard ITX case. Excellent use of fans and space. Just enough room for cable management. Maybe could afford an inch or two here or there but may be asking too much out of an ITX case. This thing can hold full ATX PSUs, almost 12 inch long GPUs (although be aware of height restrictions for those classified cards.) and has enough room for 2 SSDs and 2 HDDs. Perfect example of small form factor casing at its best


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Nice +1

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I wouldn't call that CPU/GPU combo midrange. Nice build. I'd throw in a 2tb spinner for extra storage.