(First Build) This is my first time building a computer and it is mainly using this build for gaming and also some productivity work. I named it after sharks cause most of the parts are blue. Cable management wise is horrendous and i am too lazy to do it. Will be adding the Hue+ in the future when there is stock. Give it a comment and let me what i can improve/add on in the future.

Part Reviews


Saving the option to go for overclocking. I decided to get the K version of the i7-4790. May or may not go for overclocking in the future but I will always be keeping that option in mind.

CPU Cooler

Stays pretty silent and keeps my CPU cool.


Chose this motherboard cause of the colour as well as the price.


Overpriced RAM but it still does it's job so im fine with that.


Only able to use 2TB instead of the full 3TB

Video Card

Pretty much got this for the Windforce Logo. Kinda regret not going for a 980ti but hey, it's a first build so yeah.


Got this casing cause i had the thought of going for a custom hardline water build. Kind of regret cause it's too big for desk. and i ended up need to get a mini table so that i can put it on top of it.

Power Supply

Works like what it is supposed to do. Initially wanted a HX750i but there was none in stock so I just went with this cause an additional 100W was about 40+ dollars.

Operating System

Prefer Windows 8.1 over Windows 10 cause its still quite new. Maybe will upgrade in the future.

Case Fan

So far no issues with the fan as well and the ring suits my color scheme too.


Was thinking of getting a 1080p or a 1440p monitor and decided to go for this mainly because of the price and also there wasn't much options for a 1440p monitor


Best wireless mouse ever. So far still no issues with it after using for about 1+ year.


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Hey, nice build.

Not sure if you got this figured out or not but I saw your rating on the Hard Drive and how you could only use 2TB.

That's not the HDDs problem. You need to update your BIOS and make sure your HDD is formatted as a GPT drive, not MBR.

You can change this by going to Disk Management --> Right click the drive you want --> "Convert to GPT Disk"

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The cable management isn't too bad, but you might want to mount that fan hub somewhere (im guessing that's a fan hub in picture 21) so there's no chance of your fan cables slipping out.

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Yeah there's one right there. Will take your advice in consideration. Thanks!

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You're welcome, It'd be a shame for them to fall out and you're not aware of them not running until it shuts off from overheating (seeing as those three are your main source of intake), and the parts (potentially) get damaged in the process.

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Awesome build

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Thanks man

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I would recommend organizing the cables coming out of the GPU, but other than that dope build!