This is my very first build. I had originally wanted to get a i7 6700k processor but I did not want to wait 4 months for the back order, so I compromised and got a i5 6600. I'm not disappointed.

This was built back in early January, 2016.

I have very quiet Noctua case fans, but could not find them to add onto my parts list.

  • Four 140mm AAO Case Fans (Two intake mounted in front, two outtake on top for radiator)
  • One 120mm AAO Case Fan (Outtake mounted on back for GPU radiator)
  • One 120mm Fan mounted on bottom for intake
  • Overclocked to 3.69GHz (Stable). This is my first overclock so I am learning more as I go and will try to push it to 3.9GHz or so.
  • Overclocked my 980 Ti as much as I possibly could with the little experience I have. I had used Valley: UNIGINE to stress test the GPU and get the clock rate.
  • Idle temperature is 25°C. 33°C while gaming on The Division and Witcher 3 in 1440p. The tower is located in a (very) enclosed desk and still runs at a phenomenal temperature. It is virtually silent even while gaming in 1440p.

I have two 250GB SSD because I previously only had the one. So I spent less to get a second one. I will most likely be upgrading to a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 512GB in the future.

I'll also be upgrading my GPU when (and if) a GTX 1080 Ti model is released.

More (and better) photos to come, I just wanted to get this uploaded.

Any questions, just post them in the comments. I might add more to the description based on your questions and feedback. If you have any advice, I'm more than happy to listen.

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  • 45 months ago
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Even though my board supports non-k overclocking I cannot OC my 6600, did you have to download custom bios?

  • 45 months ago
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It took me a lot of research and guides to figure out how to OC my non-k processor. They're the most finicky things ever. Which motherboard do you have?

I can't remember off the top of my head (I'm not currently near my system) but I believe I put my clock frequency is 102.5 and the multiplayer is 36. That brought my core to 3.69GHz.

If I had increased the frequency to 102.51 then it wouldn't boot up.

I'm not sure if I had increased the voltage, but I'll get back to you in a few hours with what I had done in the BIOS.

  • 45 months ago
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Thanks for the input, I have a MSI PC Mate z170a. I had it at one point to 3.6Ghz but it wouldn't boot windows just showing the 3.6 in the bios so I did a reset.

  • 45 months ago
  • 2 points

To answer your earlier question, no I did not download a custom BIOS.

My voltage is set to 1.14v, Clock Frequency is 102.5, Multiplier is 36.

You have to watch your RAM frequency when trying to OC.

Take my build for example: RAM is 3200MHz. If I set the RAM to 3200 prior to OCing the processor, then my PC will not boot because OCing the processor will also OC the RAM. If you want to OC your CPU then you'll have to scale DOWN your RAM speed.

I don't know what my RAM speed was at prior to OCing the CPU, but when I OC'd the CPU it brought my RAM up to just above 3200MHz which was stable for both the CPU and RAM.

Every single CPU is different, so some people can get a 6600 to 4.2GHz and some people cannot even get passed 3.4GHz. My CPU is stable and will not exceed 3.69GHz without crashing.