This is a PC that started from a GTX 1060 and smacked that thing in an old HP case I had laying around, with an AMD Phenom II x4 830. That CPU gave a pretty hefty bottleneck. Slowly, but surely I had started buying more parts, like a new motherboard, DDR4 ram sticks, and then the Ryzen 5 1600. Later on, I would finally complete my whole build by putting it in its proper shell where it REALLY belongs, with the Cooler Master NR400, and honestly, I couldn't be any happier with it. It has been a whole 2 years of me, saving up money, getting the parts, and one by one putting it together to see this fly, to now see that it has a home.

Other than that story: I use it for video editing, watching YouTube videos, playing games, recording, streaming. etc.. Basically an all-around PC. : )

PS: RGB coming soon ; )

Part Reviews


I would say an extremely good 6-core CPU for 85 dollars on Amazon. Good price, and great performance. It would be better to put Arctic Silver 5 for better temperatures on idle and load.


Although I got it used, I think it was a decent price, I am not too sure about the M.2 slot, I think it might be broken. I haven't tried it yet though. But getting a motherboard used isn't too safe, get it new.


Great ram for its price and speed, although it could've probably been better to op-out on faster memory that might be cheaper.


Normal HDD. I would recommend SSD though.


Mobile HDD, a little faster than the other. It's easy to fit in a pocket too, just in case you want to play your games on different computers. I still would recommend an SSD.

Video Card

Great card, can play almost every game on 1080p 60 FPS with no problems.


This case is quite lovely. Taking off the glass is fairly simple too. Easy cable management as well.

Power Supply

Power Supply has been holding up for a while now. It does well by doing its job: staying silent. Thermaltake really kept their promise by saying it was that silent.


I had this monitor for a while and plan to switch out for a 144-hertz monitor, and keeping the Samsung monitor as a vertical display so I can check Discord server messages or private messages while gaming on the 144 panel. .


A nice, and sleek Red Cherry MX keyboard. Very nice to type on, and satisfying to game on.


Had this mouse for a solid 3 years, and hasn't done me any bad. Pretty good mouse for everything. The battery can last a very long time as well.


These speakers are pretty old and for some odd reason expensive. They seem to be holding up with good quality some how.


Love these headphones, can use Bluetooth and headphone jack at the same time. It's kinda crazy, but I dig it.

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  • 2 months ago
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Nice cozy setup! I would heavily recommend to invest in SSD tbh, your storage solution is really holding your system back by a lot.

  • 2 months ago
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Yeah, I'm definitely saving up for an SSD soon.