hi. this is my first build.

the first thing i want to say is that i truly know the meaning of Murphy's law after building this computer. (i.e., whatever can go wrong will go wrong.)

ok, not literally everything went wrong, but it felt like it had after the list of events below happened.

first, i got everything into the case, pushed the power button, and nothing happened.

after a little bit of looking, i realized that i had only plugged in the sata data cables, not the sata power cables.

ok, so i fixed that, pushed the power button, and nothing happened.

i tried taking out the video card, and that didn't work.

i tried a bunch of crazy things with the power supply. (what they were i don't remember because I'm editing this description 5 months after i built the thing :)

i tried pressing the reset switch instead of the power button, thinking that maybe the power button on the ancient case i was using had crapped out.


so, like any person going insane from worry, i slowly spammed the reset and power buttons. (at this point I'm pretty sure the video card was removed)

and guess what? the motherboard led turned on and the fans started spinning. but the monitor did not power on. thoroughly weirded out, i tried to turn the thing off again. and it didn't work.

i eventually had to just flip the power on the psu off.

this weird turning on, but not all the way thing happened multiple times, but after the first one, not all of the fans turned on.

i was convinced that i had fried something, and i left the thing alone for a few weeks.

when i came back, i decided that i should probably take out one of the ram sticks to see if that was the problem somehow (at this point i had for sure removed the video card)

then, i pushed the power button, and everything turned on, including the monitor, and the system booted into the bios.

the really weird thing is that after that initial boot, i was able to put the 2nd ram stick in, and then it worked. I'm almost sure that i didn't change any bios settings that would have affected that.

the video card also worked after that.

all in all, this was the weirdest experience i have ever heard of when building a computer, and I'm guessing it's going to stay that way for a long time.


in general, what would you more experienced people change about the build? I'm going to use it for recording star wars battlefront 4, minecraft, and schoolwork.

i have heard that it is good to have an ssd to record to, but i don't think that camtasia studio from tech smith would take advantage of that. it seems to save the video to the hard drive after it records. is this correct? would it still be a good idea to have an ssd?


i spent 2/7 of the budget on processor because i will be doing recording as well as regular gaming. i know i could have gotten a better gpu if i had spent less on processor (or if i had waited for the RX 460 to come out) but i did not want a drop in performance when recording.

i didn't want 2 monitors. bought the HP off of ebay first, then found out that a friend was willing to give me his for free. so now i can watch youtube and play a game at the same time.

didn't want windows 10, but the copy of windows 7 that i got did not work. (Hey, the site that advertised it for $40 looked ligit...)

used the lanboy because it was just sitting there doing nothing and i am on a budget. kind of funny seeing the old AMD Athlon sticker (the case's previous occupant) and the 6th gen i5 stickers right next to each other.

2nd hdd is for backup.


NewEgg is Awesome! i ordered the 4-7 day shipping, they got it to me in 3!


Part Reviews


fast, and it runs pretty cool. i don't really know what under load means, but the most i've seen it get to is about 50c. (that was when playing star wars battlefront 4)


it works. the bios are good and mostly intuitive. (Some features i still don't understand) overall, it has the features i wanted, and is durable (it survived my battle to put it into the case correctly), so i would recommend it.

as far as i can tell, the high quality audio capacitor claim is not a marketing gimmick. Yay gigabyte!


it's cheap and has good capacity, and has not died yet. yay!


cheap for 1 terabyte, and seems to be reliable. not much else to say. (i don't know what to say :)

Video Card

it runs star wars battlefront 4 on low settings at about 60 fps, high 45 fps. that's all i need.

Power Supply

it works and has not died. happy. the box makes a really nice monitor stand.

Operating System

okay, windows 10 is not that bad, if you don't mind that they are stealing your data and you do not know who they are selling it to. but hey, google is doing the same thing, so whatever. blah.

anyways, good operating system in general. nice features, although i could do without the ads in the start menu.


good monitor. works well. widescreen is awesome.


good sound. comfortable.

[Edit] volume widget totally works, i don't know what was going on before.

I kind of like the fact that you can shut off the mic with a push of a button, but i wish i figured it out sooner. (when the light is blinking, the mic is off, when it is solid, the mic is on)

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  • 44 months ago
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Awesome, im about to build a pc just like this, except for the mobo, that will be a Asus mATX H110M-C. Can you tell me more about the skylake + gtx 750ti performance? Mainly fps on games played on high/Ultra. Thanks for sharing mate !

  • 44 months ago
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thanks for commenting!

not sure how much i can help you though... i only play minecraft and star wars battlefront 4 on it at the moment, but it gets about 40-60 fps on high, and 20-30 on ultra for battlefront.

personally, i wish i would've waited just a little longer and gotten the gtx 950 instead, because it's the same price and does about a lot better then the 750 ti.

  • 40 months ago
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would you happen to know the "hz" for the monitor?

  • 40 months ago
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it stands for 'Hertz', or frequency, but in the context of monitors it basically means the amount of frames per second that the monitor actually allows you to see, or the 'refresh rate.'

so, if your monitor is rated at 60hz, then you will be able to up to 60 of the frames per second that your computer is outputting.

and if you are getting frame rates of say, 70 per second, on your 60hz monitor, then you will only be able to see 60 of those.

also, if you don't what frames per second are, then check out this wiki page.

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