So far working great, will get into some older games later. Browsing and video is no problem it is quite fast. This is a home use PC for browsing and photos and older games mostly. Had problems with MB led software would not install, found setting in bios to turn them off with PC and get to that later. Everything fit, case is quiet but I'm not really stressing anything, but even with fans full speed its not loud at all. Was able to get memory running 3600 no problem. It had issue where monitor would go black once in a while, then it stopped on its own, but could have been due to another PC connected to monitor also. Soon as I fired it up I loaded new bios and drivers.

The idea with this build was ability to drop large ryzen in later and a GPU. I just don't need it right now I have old games new on disk to play or steam/etc. I went with a good MB and M.2 to future proof, and fast memory to help out the 2400G. I may need to upgrade the PSU when I get a GPU but had this PSU new sitting here as a spare.

I really like the case for the price, it is large but required for a huge cooler and its huge. Can add fan or upgrade them for more cooling, but for years of use I did not want to go to liquid cooling unless required and I can get one any time. Cooler had amd parts to mount it. Case has nice features and insides, looks big in there with no GPU, even bigger without the huge cooler. I still have to get an optical drive not sure blueray is worth it just for backup they seem to fail often.

Price dropped on the Z506 speakers one day so got those and they sound awesome for little PC speakers. I wanted minimum 4 speakers and sub and they seemed best deal. They sound great for what they are and fill my office room no problem far as loud. They look cool and frequency response is smoother than I thought would be. The cables plug right into the Asus x470 MB. Glad I spent a little extra for them.

Only thing I have noticed is even though the HDD has better spec than my old PC, the SSD makes it look really slow. It takes seconds to pull thumbnails up while everything else is fast. But not a big deal for this home PC as I do not access them very often.

Actually built in 6/2019 and just put speakers on now. Was able to get Steam and run Overload on it and it did not seem to notice I was playing the game on a 27" monitor. Next I'll buy a hotas for it.

Update: Just put a DVD burner in top slot. You can only see about 2 inches of the bottom third when looking in the window. It was $18 or something and it works, Asus brand. Was going to black tape the side but hardly noticeable so didn't bother. Considering some LED fans to light it up more as the MB lights are weak. Would be nice if Asus software would install tried 7 times now finally got it to work and it does not see the MB. Junk.

Part Reviews


No problems. Not the best chip now but should serve my needs for a while. Running 3600 memory speed so far and no issues.

CPU Cooler

I like this cooler because you can upgrade the fan to more rpm and/or add a second fan for more cooling. What you get is a huge cooler to start with that is quiet. Make sure you have enough clearance and case room to mount it. It came with AMD mount for ryzen as of spring 2019. I could run this at max rpm all the time and barely hear it with my quiet case, but even with the door open it is pretty quiet. Did I say it was huge, yes it surprised me. It is kind of spartan looking but fine with me, price was low and figured everything else was black so went with alum color to help led.


Wanted to take a star off because the LED software would not install on a new win10 build. I don't see any excuse for this Asus is supposed to be top line board. Otherwise nice board, runs the memory at 3600 without even trying much, nice bios features, working well so far. No issues putting it together. Board had nice features at reasonable price, has some looks and good VRM. X470 is eclipsed now but this should serve my home needs for years in one way or another.


Price was great for this high speed memory. I was not caring about looks really and this is good enough and fast. No problems with it at 3600 out of the box I will try to get more some day.


This had great reviews and seems to work perfect. I have not benched it yet but its quick. This PC comes out of sleep in few seconds and boots very fast. I ended up not using the Asus heat sink because this model has one was the only glitch, but this drive was on sale when I bought and does match the memory. But with my huge cooler you hardly see it anyway. I timed this on video it was 17 seconds boot off to login, and 6 seconds from sleep to login.


Looked a lot for a new hdd with decent specs and not a used. This drive is for storage and works fine, but with a fast M.2 OS drive this looks a lot slower than my old PC with a single 5400, just a friendly warning if you are planning the same setup. Since its mostly for photos it is not a big deal for me, but it takes a few seconds to populate pages of thumbnails.


I don't build that many PCs but this case was really nice for the price, and more case than I expected. It is larger but I needed that for the huge cooler. It is quiet like I wanted, the fans work well, no sharp edges found, cable routing was great for my setup. It has optional top venting or radiator mounting, it even has half 5.25 mounts you can put a fan maybe a cooler inside them if you don't use them, plus you don't see them in the window. I don't care for the top buttons in my use, but seems to be common. I like the 4 usb on the front. It just sits there so the plastic window should hold up fine for me.

Power Supply

I had some old PCs with Enermax and never a problem, I guess they been sold now. I needed a backup PSU for my old PC but I ended up with a PCI powered GPU in that and never installed this. It is actually a 450W I could not find in the parts selector, but seemed enough for a 2400G so I put it in.

Operating System

What is to say here, I downloaded win10 from MS and used that other software to make a usb. It installed and works great. I think the price is a little high but will pay to license it soon as I prefer non OEM win10 for my use.


Price dropped on these one day so I bought. I wanted a 4 speaker and sub system minimum for games and something to play music reasonably well. This seemed to be a good option in the research I did. So these sound amazing for a PC speaker I have to say. The sub is small but does well for that size, the frequency response is better than I expected. The sub level is on the sub which could be a hassle. They look cool, they perform great. I think you could use these for HT use in a smaller room. They get loud in a roughly 12' square room I have them in now, not blow you out the door loud, but loud for little speakers and can be heard on other end of house. They hook up with PC sound cables (included, grn/blk/ylw) or RCA, so no digital. Front right has power, volume, led, and a larger rs232 looking cable to the sub.

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For now I bought an $18 Asus DVD and put it in, you can barely see the corner of it if you look straight into the window. Is in the top slot.