I know some of you are like...first real build? Well back in 2005 I bought a Alienware Aurora 7500 pre built. Been adding and taking things out as needed and affordable at the time. Anyway...I eventually decided to part out my alienware and sell chassis to build my own. Wanted a little something with a push but not bend the wallet. Really lucked up on most of it. I either had old hardware from previous set up. I the mono from.a friend that couldn't get it to work. Checked warranty status. Still in warranty! Shipped that sucker off. Decent customer service BTW. My birthday rolls around I'm given a used sapphire hd7950 and 8gb kit Crucial Ballistix Sport then. It did run a little warm for liking, so I took it apart cleaned it up real good reapplied thermal paste Arctic Silver 5. Runs much better. Swapped out front fan with led fan and moved "Turbo" exhaust fan to bottom in front of power supply. After reading other builds I realize I probably should flip the psu for better cooling . You guys think so? Everything was super easy to hook up. Easy cable management. At least I think so. The fan controller was easy to hook up plenty of wire length. I couldn't add it but I bought iFrogz Caliber Vanguard 7.1 headset to go with this. For the price it is absolutely amazing. Awesome vibrating bass feature. I'm planning to use this build primarily for gaming. Any suggestions for future upgrades possibly?

Part Reviews


Definitely an upgrade from my Amd Athlon X2 64

CPU Cooler

This monster of a heat sink can keep this thing super cold!


Pretty good, haven't had anything great to compare it to.

Video Card

Great for gaming!


I love this sexy beast of a case! Great cable management.

Case Fan

A tad on the bright white side rather than blue

Fan Controller

I love it! So easy to install and use.


Get's the job done.


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Very nice! your sentry 3 fan controller blends very well in the case. looks like you get a pretty good airflow, which is always good. Nice FX8350 build.

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Thanks! I really appreciate all input, perhaps I'm off my pc game or over worrying about temps. The gpu( This is after I reapplied Arctic Silver5) is 32-40 degrees idle then jumps very quickly to 60-67 degrees under Heaven Benchmark when overclocked. It did run super hot before new thermal paste. The entire case gets between 35-44 degrees. The cpu can be weird sometimes...or could be just me...idle it will jump from 8-24 degrees and over clocked to 4.5 GHz it will climb to 45-50 degrees. Like I said, I could just be worrying over nothing.

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As much as I love AMD their chip do get very hot CPU and GPU. I think the reason why your GPU is getting that hot is because of the temp in the case. For the CPU, yeah Visheras are hot little ones specially air cooled. I wouldn't worry about the temps Ii mean 60's for the GPU is still safe and the high 40's for the CPU is ok as well but I would keep an eye on it if you're gaming for long period of time it might raise.