Mainly wanted an alternative work machine. My first pc build is an Intel I-7 4770k system. I do light gaming (older Wrath of the Lichking.) Some times Fortnite. I mostly will be using this to reencode and edit videos. This so far has been a truly amazing machine. The case felt kind of cheaply to me. But the fans and lights are awesome.

Part Reviews


Amazing performance for the price it costs. AMD finally has done it.


Very good board with enough expansion slots for future upgrades. Also it is very easy to manage.


Excellent performance on the read and writes. Especially comparing this to an older model Samsung 840 pro in a different PC.


Great for storage. Decent performance

Video Card

For what I do which is playing an older game. This is overkill. Very good performance.


Decent case. Plenty of hard drive slots. The casing felt sort of like cheap thin metal to me. Space near the power supply area is kind of tight when you have a video card installed above. Great price overall.

Power Supply

It works! Plenty of connections to use. Mine however did not come with install screws. Weird! Good thing I have a ton of extra screw on hand.

Operating System

Goodbye old ancient DVD installs. USB is the future. Requires some bios settings on most boards to be able to boot from it. Other than that, this was already up to date other than this weeks updates. So that was a major plus!


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