This is a mixture of parts I already had and upgrades I made over the holiday sales. The speakers are retro Dell I found at a garage sale, these were painted and the subwoofer was replaced. The LED's I wired up to 2 LED switches that I mounted in a 5.25 bay cover for the case. Both monitors are mounted on a pole VESA mount with fully adjustable arms. Main uses of the PC are, Blender, MS Visual Studio, Unreal Engine, Editing, and Gaming. The cheap camera on my tablet makes the LED's look pink and brighter than they really are.

Part Reviews


For what I use my PC for going from a i5 2500K to this made a big difference.

CPU Cooler

I would say the best air cooler made and being able to buy red covers for it just made my day.


Gigabyte quality. For the i7 4790K processor it defaulted to 1.27 volts that is high for that processor but this is a common problem with most motherboards and that processor. Very simple fix for me since I was going to overclock anyhow. i7 4790K @ 4.6GHz @ 1.22 volts.


Very good memory as with all overclocked parts it may take some tweaking. Got it 100% stable at 1.55 volts so I added 0.02 more just to keep it that way. Getting really close to running out of memory so I'm going to order another set of these.


Older SSD was my OS drive for a while, this has been secure erased 2 times and still runs at factory specks.


Mixed thoughts on this drive. The first one I received was almost DOA because it would function some but not much. Loaded the OS on it 2 times but it was corrupt both times, so I popped back in my other boot drive and checked the health with their software and it was slower than a regular hard drive. Thumbs up to Newegg for their RMA process it took a total of 7 days from the day I sent it in to receive the replacement. Currently my OS and program drive with no problems.

Video Card

Great video card. I was torn between this and a R9 390X but I got it for $439. Runs my 1440p monitor just fine when gaming.


Great case I've had this about 3 years Good cable management and lots of fan placement options. The only thing I didn't like was the fan holes in the side window so I replaced that with just a clear window. Current fan setup, front 140mm, and (90mm blowing on my hard drives) intake, bottom 140mm intake, back 120mm, top 2 X 120mm exhaust. As I care very little about taking the time to organize the cables in the side of the case this one has plenty of room to put the cover on. The pictures will show my rats nest.

Power Supply

Seasonic Gold Quality!!!!! Took one star off for the cables they really need to rethink that. It was a tough stretch to get all my drives plugged in and the modular cables are flat, the others are just the regular sleeved round cables.

Case Fan

Had these a few years, moves a lot of air and are very quite.

Case Fan

Don't hate on this fan it serves it's purpose of blowing air over my hard drives and quieter than I thought it would be.

Fan Controller

A few years old and still working like a champ. This is a very good product.


Good TN monitor for the money 1080p, 24", used for side programs.


Just got this it was a nice upgrade going from 1080p to 1440p. Really good colors and sharp print, IPS, 27".


I love this keyboard, good software, shows the CPU and Ram usage on a display on top of the keyboard. I would like for the LED's to be a bit brighter but overall a very good keyboard. I got this on sale at Amazon for $80 it replaced a CM mechanical gaming keyboard that I smashed in the street after it was sent in for repairs 3 times in a year only to work again for a couple of months, and yes it really felt good to do that.


Working good for me I use my keyboard for hot keys so I needed no extra buttons on this.

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  • 46 months ago
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Does the fan controller run off of molex or 3 pin? Thanks!

  • 46 months ago
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It runs off Molex power to the controller and 3 pin fan connectors.

  • 46 months ago
  • 1 point

Ok thanks for your help!