While I've been PC gaming for much longer than I'd like to admit, my wife was never much of a gamer short of Bejeweled and a couple forays into Skyrim. We had always discussed building her a gaming rig, but never got around to it due to budgetary constraints. Both of us finally making enough money to spend on extra fun stuff, we figured we'd make the jump and start buying parts back in Q4 2017! Since we completed the build on 3/1, we've had a blast playing PUBG and The Forest. Gaming with your spouse/significant other is a really great experience!


Thanks to some great deals found on buildapcsales, and careful use of newegg/groupon promos, we were able to save about $350-500 on the total build.

We didn't want to go all-out, but we did want to have something that would allow for future growth later (custom cooling if she decides to get into OC'ing her Vega 64, additional RAM, etc.), as well as just general future proofing. Picking up a Vega 64 for just around $450.00 was ridiculous, and I'm still wondering how I snagged the deal. The original idea was to aim for a GTX 1080ti.

It's a girl! March-baby

My wife named it Andromeda. (this beats the original name of Cubert, pronounced "Cube-ert") It was a super fun build, and we are both extremely happy with the use of Anidees Crystal Cube. Previously I had used the Crystal AI for two builds with a lot of satisfaction, and once again, Anidees doesn't disappoint! Great cable management, awesome tempered glass, and plenty of room for the radiator and other expansions.

Future Upgrades & Considerations

Future upgrades will include two more sticks of RAM, switching to a custom loop to incorporate cooling for both the GPU and CPU, and probably a PSU upgrade later on down the line to add a secondary GPU. Also looking at a custom RGB backplate in the meantime for the GPU. We'll also be upgrading her monitor shortly to take advantage of freesync and high refresh rate and low input lag.

Thanks for reading! :)

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  • 22 months ago
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Congrats on your child! Is Andromeda a boy or girl name?

  • 22 months ago
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Haha thanks. Andromeda is a girl's name :)

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geez. that profile pic is pretty accurate, 'cause you're always watching.