This was my first pc build that i have done! yay :D lol

so i found out that im going to need more fans cause the PC gets a bit hot since their is a big GPU in a small case! boot time takes like less then 20 seconds probably less then 15. it can play starcraft 2 at max settings 1080p no problem. that's the only game i tested so far and i like the cool added feature for the MSI GPU where you can make the fans go really fast on the GPU to cool it down Faster! i should have gotten a better power supply but other people say that the 600 watts is enough which I found that that's correct! i like the case a lot for its price its Great, but i already dented the side :( not that Strong of a case but the design is awesome!!!

Part Reviews


This is a great CPU for the price and Performance!!! I love how fast my computer is going but that might be the help of my SSD too but still This is my first PC that's been over 3 GHz so I can see the difference!


I love how i can charge my iPod and portable charger while the computer is off!!! Plus i liked how it came with 2 SATA3 Cables which was exactly enough for my SSD and Hard Drive, Although it would have been nice to have a 3rd cable in case i wanted to install a DVD Drive the 2 cables Where Fine!!!!


Best DDR3 Ram you can get for the price!!! i love them cause with out them i would not have a functional PC lol


Bought This for my laptop can saw a big performance boost just from installing this!!! and since my laptop motherboard broke i put it in my PC to be the Boot Drive with Windows 10!! Best SSD I've ever had!!


Bought this because I've seen that Western Digital Hard Drives are more reliable then Other Hard Drives!!! and this was 1 TB for 50 bucks and it is the best deal in my eyes!!!

Video Card

Love the Graphics Card!!! This is the best choice I've ever made to get this instead of the GTX 960 since the R9 380 has 4gb and performs better on More games the the gtx 960, got my clock up to 1076 before with afterburner stable and I think this is a good Graphics Card overall. Plus i like the feature to cool down the gpu fast with a button on the MSI App!!


Cool looking case!!! kinda a tight fit with a MSI R9 380 4GB in there but it's fine, the Only thing i dont like about it is that the case can dent easier then other cases :( which already happened to me but its does not effect the performance of the computer just the look of the case so its ok-Ish

Power Supply

Good PSU!!! it can handle Overclocking a R9 380 4gb and it sometimes get a little warm but other then that its Fine!!!

Wireless Network Adapter

Loved how it came with a low profile bracket just in case the buyer had a low profile computer!!! Plus internet is really fast with them too!! well at least i think its fast, my wifi speed is 36 Mbps wish i lived where they had the Fiber cables with the 1000 Mbps speeds while Wired!!!

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  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build :) Almost the same with my build. BTW how's the performance of your 4590+r9 380? Did you encounter any issues?

  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

I did not encountered any Issues yet after a month so far :D so yea that's AWESOME!! the power supply is plenty for the graphics card and all that! i have the graphics card overclocked Core Clock 1100MHz and Memory Clock 1600MHz and i have my fan speed set automatically to where if the temps rise it speeds up and my Power limit set to +20 and its been running stable for a while and i even had it on the MSI Kombuster for a full Hour and did not crash at all!

  • 49 months ago
  • 1 point

+1. I also have the 4590 and it's great. Got mine for $127 from Staples using price match. I just used this case in a build, really based on how well you made this look with your cable management. Maybe you should get a kickback or something :) here is my build with this case.

  • 44 months ago
  • 1 point

I have very similar build just with GTX 970 strix version. I am kinda curious what temps you are getting, because I switched from full ATX, to this mini ATX and temps increased on all parts by ~7-10degrees.

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

my GPU ranges from 65-75 degrees Celsius depending on the game, and my CPU i don't know at the moment