Built after a very careful reflection process. I am very pleased with all the parts so far. I need to find a new graphics card. Much like blower, some tips?

My setup is used for WoW, PUBG and web surfing.

I run a stable OC with 4.8Ghz on all cores and vcore on 1.16v.

Finally, ask questions and I will answer them as far as possible.

I will try with a little better pictures when my office is finished.

NOTE: When using the Silent Loop 120: It's a VERY tight fit. It works, but it's TIGHT.

Part Reviews

Video Card

Tried 4 different Serial numbers. Al had some level of coil whine. The last i tried had the least, next to none. Kept that. Cooling could be better.


Most fun i've ever had building af new rig. Really nice quality case for the money it cost. I would have liked if the top had been made of aluminium, not plastic. Also a option to choose whether to go with space for 2x2,5" or an extra 140mm. That would be superb.

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  • 17 months ago
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H75 rad paired with a slim 120mm noctua fan and kraken g12 fun mod to water cool your gpu and solve thermal problems. In the mean time set the bottom side fan to exhaust will lower your temps. Great build +1

  • 17 months ago
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Bottom fan gets replaced with a 140mm, testet both directions, no big difference. The bottom fan is to be replaced with a 140mm - supplier just ran out on the last order. Also, im planing on cutting the left side for a 140mm exhaust. Also one of the reasons i'm not using 2,5" or 3,5" storage.

I've looked a lot on the kraken g12 but i really dont like the way it looks. And fitting it with the silent loop will be impossible i think!

But thx! Nice Shift build you got there!

  • 17 months ago
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Yeah sorry I meant one exhaust up top and one down on the bottom. And thanks :)

  • 17 months ago
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I like it but here are my own personal thoughts:

Could have saved ~$100 going with the i7-8700k.

Not really sold personally on using dual M.2 in this rig, I would have used a 250GB for OS and regular apps, and a 1-2TB SSD for everything else.

I hope you didn’t pay $120 for Windows 10 Pro.

Feel like you could have saved $200-300 just making some functional adjustments wit SOME hardware. You could have the applied this savings to your GPU selection.

  • 17 months ago
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At the time, the difference between 8700k and 8086k was less that 30$ in Denmark.

M.2 was chosen because of no wiring needed. 1TB is more than enough, i'v been running 500gb for the last 8 years. Got 6TB NAS in the house for storage. Who pays 120$ for windows?

The GPU is from another build, still waiting to upgrade that on in the future.

The prices don't really match what we pay in Denmark.