"If you don't lift weights in the mirror, does the rep really even count?"

  • 1080p 144hz at the moment, plans on 1440p 144hz in the future
  • 8700k @ 5ghz, RTX 2080 @2ghz (haven't done any real heavy OCing yet)
  • RtX oN oR oFf BrO?!
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  • 17 months ago
  • 3 points

Have you actually tried any games with RTX?

  • 17 months ago
  • 2 points

I like the build, I'm just not sold on how you placed the H100i with the hose near the exhaust. Typically, placing it near the front of the case looks better to me.

I was able to push my Gigabyte Gaming OC 2080 to over 2.1ghz under load, so far it's stable in all benchmarks and games. I was able to add 1000mhz to the memory clock, which surprised the Hell out of me. Goodluck with yours!

  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

wish i can do that in my case but since i have a micro atx case with the fat aio tubes it isnt working in my h400 haha