Full Part List & Personal Opinion : NB- all parts worked perfectly, any score under 5 is from a personal perspective

1) CPU - 5/5 great budget CPU haven't Overclocked it yet

2) CPU Cooler - 5/5 Does the Job good....wanted the X72 but i got the X62 at a good deal

3)Motherboard - 4.5 /5 Board is good, Bios is OK , just Jealous the Taichi Ultimate's reset and power button on the motherboard

4) Ram - Nothing much to say about them 5/5 perfect for my Ryzen CPU

5) NVME - OS only installed ... lighting fast boot 5/5

6) HDD - 5/5 , a lot of persons said there was clicking sound, haven't heard any

7) GPU - Perfect for 1080p gaming 5/5

8) Case - MONEY WELL FKING SPEND - preordered from Phanteks website 5/5

9) Power supply - Decent , nothing much to say 5/5

10) Case Fan - got an extra 140 case fan for the front panel to run a 3 fan setup 5/5

11) Monitor - was going for the Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor , however got my hands on this from B&H for $249, no regrets 5/5

12) LED strips from phantek - 5/5 , sync fan rings, case light and motherboard

13) Keyboard - Decent keyboard ( comes with Cherry brown , blue and red), just disappointed the knob wasn't a media control button and you're still unable to remap the key function with the software, waiting on a software update to allow it , but until then , 4/5


Speakers : Logitech z506 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers System 5/5

Fan Rings : Phanteks Halos Lux Digital LED 5/5

Mousepad : darkFlash FLEX800 Extended Large Oversize RGB Gaming Mouse Pad , nothing much to say 5/5

Mouse: M715-RGB DAGGER by Redragon 5/5

Monitor Arm: EleTab Single Monitor Desk Mount - Height Adjustable Full Motion Swivel VESA Arm 5/5

Desk: Eureka Z1-S Gaming Desk - Raven Black , sturdy AF 5/5


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Nice looking build. Question though, do you have any room to remove the computer from atop the desk? That would give you a lot more room. And, are you able to push the frames to make use of that 240hz monitor? And last question, why did you decide to put the rgb rans in the front rather than on the Rad and exhaust fan. Not trying to sound mean or elitist, just curious.

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1)Don't really understand the first question... But if what you're trying to ask. If there is anyplace else I can place the unit except on the desk then yes... I can place it on a stand next to the desk however I prefer it on top the desk

2)At the moment no but this card was the best I could. Of. Gotten for My budget... Luckily my monitor is compatible with gsync so I'm waiting for Navi to release and I'm going to. See what AMD have to offer, if I'm not. Impress going to go to the green team.

3)I have the AIO fans pulling air from the case so the fans are on top the radiator .... If I were to. Put the fan rings on top it wouldn't be visible from inside the case... And for the exhaust I messed up... Thought was a 120 fan at the exhaust so got a 120 fan ring however it was a 140

No problem

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I think I have a huge crush on Lavender

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Hahaha same here