After my 6 year old gateway finally bit the dust, I figured it was time to make a proper somewhat future-proof desktop to last me the next few years with room to upgrade.

Part Reviews


This handles everything I throw at it with ease, I was running Dota 2 and emulating Pikmin 2 on Dolphin with all sorts of post-processing without a single hitch. This processor should last me quite a bit into the future.

CPU Cooler

I would've bought the H5 Ultimate, however my ram ended up being quite large so it was necessary. The bottom of the fan is right up against the ram so it was the right decision. The cooler itself performs incredibly well, is quiet and was pretty easy to install. Not to mention how good it looks.


This motherboard is great, all the features I needed, a great color scheme and the sound on it is quite good. I couldn't screw in the upper right screw, it did not seem to catch. I'm not sure if that is the fault of the case or the motherboard. You can only set 1 XMP profile for all 4 sticks of ram, not individually or in the groups of 2.


Looks good and is incredibly fast.


Same as above, I accidentally bought the 3200 instead of the 3400 when buying the 2nd set, I just have the xmp profile set to 3200 for them all.


As my primary drive it performs great, windows boots up quickly, I load into Dota 2 matches first, not much more to say than that.

Video Card

An incredible upgrade from my old 550ti, matches the color scheme of the build well and maxes everything I throw at it.


A massive case with tons of room, tons of useful cable management features and looks quite good. It fits my 6 drives very well. However, there were a few build quality issues such as one of the HDD cage screws not being screwed in at all. Also I couldnt get the upper right screw for the motherboard to catch, not sure which part is at fault.

Power Supply

It came with enough sata data cables to manage the 6 drives and the fan controller, i'm happy.

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