Great builds and no problems so far build two identic pc's. Going to see if i can replace the GPU and Cooler in the future to see if i can get the full Aorus build. The NVME drive gave me a headache since it wouldnt install the OS. it was failing but after replacing it it worked fine. Every RGB light is controllable via the software but the downside is the software from gigabyte its everything except user friendly. I would like to see some RGB strips from gigabyte since they are hard to get. For the rest the gigabyte equipments are looking very decent and from an high quality.

I mainly use this for gaming and streaming for me and my wife.

Part Reviews


Great CPU but way too expensive and the not really energy friendly. The Performance is great! For the price, heat and energy i'll only rate it 4 stars.

CPU Cooler

The cooler has a great price and the RGB works fine. The construction feels a little bit cheap and the screws are hard to reach when mounting. Performs very well.


The board itself is perfect. Feels good looks good and has a great bios.


Fast memory that feels and looks decent. The RGB works great and the performance of the memory is above avarage.


Great value for money


Looks good and performs well. From the 3 drives i had one failing so thats why i only rate if 4 stars. Its one of the faster drives out there.

Video Card

Great card that still performs well.

Power Supply

Good PSU doesent cost a lot but offers great value for money.


Great monitors. They really live up to the expectation and are a bargain comparing to others.


The best keyboard I ever had. The feeling and the sound is great and the reaction time is perfect.


Good mouse for the value. Weights would be nice.


Great headset with a good sound. Won me a lot of matches.

External Storage

Overal a good drive but the connector from USB to the Drive is a little bit loose. its a loose fit and should be improved.

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